Creative Agency with a vegan focus.

We help vegan businesses identify current challenges and design solutions.


You cringe every time you have to direct someone to your website or you hand them a product. The visuals are not up to par and is hurting your reputation.


You jumped in head first without a plan. Now you are in over your head not knowing how to attract your customers, ways to increase sales, or what you need to do next.


You are tired of banging your head against the wall in search for a break-through. No matter what you tried, you cannot seem to get past certain obstacles.


You are working around the clock both on your business and in your business. You are wearing multiple hats trying different things hoping something will work.

Build confidant around your brand and product

Confidence not only comes from the visual aesthetics, but believing in the development of your brand.

Gain clarity and a new outlook

No more guessing what your audience is looking for or what to do next for business growth.

Break-through current slump

Creating a plan to become more effective and start seeing wins to ease the frustration.

Build systems to help with the workload

Systems will free up more time to allocate to other tasks or take a freaking break if you want.

Struggle in your business often comes down to a non exciting or sub par plan.

Whether you are struggling to launch, scale, or rebrand, we help you identify the root cause and implement the strategies to reach your goals.

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Get Unstuck

Define your target audience, discover your purpose, believe in your mission, and develop a signature offer.


Build a Presence

Create a cohesive brand aesthetics across all platform to make it easy to identify your brand and covert viewers into sales.

Creative Direction

Free up time

Hand over the creative duties to a trusted design team to free up time for yourself to work on your business.

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He is Me Institute

Working with Sharese and Hendricks Studios helped me brand my organization with confidence and clarity.

On The Rocks Juice Co.

Since I've begun working with Sharese, On the Rocks Juice has become a brand that I am extremely proud of. Reputation and quality are the two most important things that matter to me.