6 Things You Should Do Before Marketing Your Product

After working to develop a product, the first thing you want to do is start marketing to make sales. Hold your horses. I understand you are excited to get your product in people's hands but let's get some things squared away first.

In this post, I've outline 6 things you want to get squared away before diving into the wonderful world of marketing.

Study Your Ideal Audience

Your who will forever and always come first. If you do not know the people you want to help on a deeper level, you are basically throwing darts in the dark hoping to hit the bullseye. Going about marketing this way will cost you money, time, and sanity.

We do not want you to become stress, broke, and overworked. Knowing the target audience on a deeper level is the beginning of creating a successful marketing plan.

You may already know surface-level information such as age and location but to truly develop a flourishing marketing plan investigate more into the lives of these people. Figure out where they hang, what type of content they want to consume, and what they are searching for.

Figure Out Your Unique Brand

The vegan industry is booming, I mean crazy growth numbers. This translates to multiple products sitting next to yours on the shelf. Now ask yourself, why would they choose my product over the others.

There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition but ultimately, you want to make the sell. The answer to the question above can be the driving factor in the purchasing decision for the buyer.

People don't buy products, they buy brands

Check out this shortlist of brand elements to find your place in the industry:

  • Mission
  • Purpose
  • Vison
  • Values
  • Tone
  • Style
  • Positioning Statement

Design a Brand Identity

The look of your business and product matters. We like to think looks do not matter but they do. When you make your brand fascinating to the eye, it draws people in.

A brand identity can also make your business more recognizable, professional and give you confidence.

Here's what you need to build a brand identity:

  • Logo
  • Logo Variations
  • Color Scheme
  • Typography Guide
  • Graphic/Photography Style
  • Packaging
  • Brand Guide

Create a Marketing Funnel

Don't go with the wing it approaches instead, produce a marketing funnel before you start marketing your product.

A marketing funnel maps out how a stranger gets from point A (knowing nothing about you) to point B (a paying customer). You do not want to sit around waiting for people to find you and make a purchase. Increased growth is done with intention.

Build a User-friendly Website

Websites will either help you convert the sell or leave the visitor frustrated and on to the next.

The way your website is laid out and how well it performs has a great impact on the action people will take. When someone lands on the site, the job isn't done. It is now time to put your website to work.

Make it easy to purchase, find information, and optimize for mobile.

Know the Regulations For Vegan Products

Properly label your products before putting them out on the market. If you want to become a certified organic product, go through the proper channels to ensure the product is compliant.

We, vegans, look at the packaging and read the labels for security. We want to know that what we are picking up is indeed vegan. Being able to use the universally recognized regulated symbols will give people a sense of ease while gaining trust.

Now what?

Let's reiterate real quick. Start with who you want buying your product. Knowing who these people are will be to open your eyes to how you can market your business to increase sales.

Want to take action? Do this!

  • Conduct brand strategy (aka know your who what why)
  • Design your brand identity
  • Develop a website
  • Create a lead magnet
  • Identify your marketing channels
  • Create content
  • Stay consistent
  • Be patient

Need help? book a discovery call and let's create a detailed plan together.

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