5 Reasons Why No One is Buying You're Vegan Product

Taking your time to start a business and develop a product only to have no one purchase from you has to be beyond frustrating. If no one is buying, there could be several different factors contributing to your sales slump.

Let's take a look at 5 of those reasons:

1. You failed to differentiate

Simply being vegan is not enough. Back before then boom in the industry, you could get away with just being vegan, but you have to give us something unique with the number of choices we have access to.

Take the time to think about what makes your product different than the next and double down on that. Remember, people come for the product but purchase because of the brand.

2. Website isn't user friendly

The purchasing process must be smooth, easy, and secure. If you get the potential customer to your website, it is time to convert. Be sure your website is apparent on how to make a purchase, information is easy to find, and the site is responsive.

3. No one knows about your product

Baking the best batch of cookies ever that no one has heard about benefits no one. After developing a product, it is time for them in the hands of your customers.

Waiting for people to come to your door asking for your cookies is a good way to go out of business. Figure out where your target hangs out, on and offline, and bring your cookies to them. You also want to utilize influencer marketing. Reach out to some who's brand align with yours to become an ambassador for your business

4. There's no need for what you are selling

If your target customers have no need for your product, no one will purchase. You must know your audience's challenges and needs so you can create a solution to their problem.

This could be one reason why the product you think is the next best thing isn't selling the way you think it ought to be. Customers want you to solve a problem or make life easier, meaning they expect businesses to understand what they want and then give it to them. After knowing what your customers need, you can deliver on their expectations and provide them with something seen as valuable to them.

5. You've become a pushy salesperson

No one likes being sold to; we want to be informed. The hard-sell right off the bat is extremely off putting. Selling is an essential part of the process, but you should not rely on selling only. Instead, inform and entertain people. You can scream buy my product every day with no significant results. Once you shift your thinking to providing value, you will begin to see an increase in sales.

Provide a lot of value, then ask for the sale as the successful Gary Vee would say, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. Give before you ask.

Quick Recap

If you have a product that isn't selling, take a step back reevaluate your product, approach, and brand.

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