April 20, 2020

15 Signs it's Time to Rebrand


Brands like anything else in life needs a little tune-up now and then. It is important to keep your eye own on your business' brand to ensure you are putting out the right message and attracting the right people.

Branding is a longterm investment, it is not a one and done activity. Conducting a rebrand could be the difference between surviving and shutting the doors for good. With an up to date brand, you will have a better idea of how to market and speak to your audience.

Change can be a little daunting at times but change is necessary for continuous growth. Do not ignore the glaring red flags out of fear or lack of time to address the issues. So, you may ask yourself, when is it time to hire a branding agency?

Here are 14 dead give away signs that will let you know it is time to rebrand.

1. You’re embarrassed to hand out your business card or website address

When someone asks you for your business card do you cringe a little? Or what about your website? Do you give a disclaimer before someone visits your site? Everything is outdated and is not an image you want to put out to the world. Rebranding can give you a new updated visual identity.

2. You are struggling to make sales

No matter what you do to increase revenue, sales are not coming in at the rate you need to survive. A lack of direction will kill your sales every time. Not quite sure who your attended target audience is, how to speak to them, and the best ways to market your business? Take the time to strategize your brand and stop throwing things at the wall and hoping something sticks.

3. You’re failing to differentiate yourself from competitors

Does your business get lost amongst the others in your industry? Branding can create competitive differentiation to help you stand out amongst other similar businesses. Reposition your brand to capitalize on what makes you unique.

4. You never established a brand from the beginning

Sometimes, you want to just get started and figure things out later. The problem with operating a business without establishing a brand first is a lack of direction, which causes inconsistency and confusion. If you did not conduct brand strategy in the beginning, there is no better time then now to establish a thoughtful brand.

5. You’re struggling to raise your prices

Ever wondered why some companies can charge more than others? It comes down to brand perception. If your brand is perceived as a luxury or high-end brand, people are willing to pay more therefore you can raise the prices. By rebranding, you can reshape clients' perceptions and price services accordingly.

6. You need to disassociate your brand from a negative image

Bad things happen to good businesses. With the emergence of social media, everyone is a critic and word will travel fast. Rebranding is often the most effective solution to get your business back on track in the court of public opinion.

7. Your business is not attracting top talent

Top talent wants to work for the top companies. If you are having trouble requiring quality employees, your brand may be associated as subpar in the industry. A rebrand allows you to redefine your business not only for potential clients but for future employees as well.

8. Your business went in a different direction

As time goes on, change is enviable. Your goals and objectives may change ten years after starting the business and as the business change, your brand should follow suit.

9. You struggle with articulating what your business is about

If you can not clearly explain your business to a stranger, you have a huge problem. We are not talking about just surface information like an overview of the services provided. You should be able to explain your who, what, and why without thinking twice. Rebranding can assist you and defined what your business is all about.

10. Your brand name no longer reflects your vision

The name you once thought was amazing is not quite doing the job anymore. What once was a great name no longer represents your business and brand. Do not let your name hold your brand back, rebrand your business with a new name that reflexes your current brand.

11. Your brand has become overly complicated

Brand confusion is the easiest way to turn potential clients off. Do not do too much with your brand by trying to appeal to everyone and offer everything. Take a step back a narrow your focus to clear up the confusion.

12. Your business model has changed

There may be times when the business model may need to adjust for various reasons. Whenever there is an adjustment, a rebrand is vital to ensure success continues. For example, if you started off as a nutritionist but you now want to also offer personal training rebranding can ensure you are sending the right message for your current business model.

13. You’ve outgrown your brand

Outgrowing your brand is a good problem to have. Starting small and scaling is a good feeling but you have to make sure your brand grows with the business and the clients. To transition to another level, a rebrand to make sure your brand reflects the higher level.

14. You've expanded beyond your original geography

When Cincy Design wants to expand, rebranding will take the company from being a local go-to and transform the company into a global option. This evolves more than just renaming, you will need to reposition the business as more than a local company.

15. Your target audience changed

Today you might want to reach Gen Z and ten years from now it might be another generation. Keeping your finger on the pulse allows you to adjust the target demographic if needed. A rebrand allows you to redefined your business to reach different audiences.

In conclusion

Some of these rebranding signs are easier to spot than others. Often the first sign you need to rebrand is wondering if a rebrand is necessary for your business. Rebranding can increase sales, build an audience, and provide clarity. The benefits of investing in rebranding will pay off many times over.

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