November 29, 2019

5 Steps For Building a Brand


Whether your business is small or large, building a brand is an integral piece of the puzzle. It is what ultimately defines you, and what you will be associated with so it always important to have a brand strategy with a focus. Employees, customers, and other businesses tend to have stronger confidence in companies with a strong brand image so it is worthwhile to invest in a creative and unique brand.

While it can seem daunting starting from scratch when it comes to building a brand, there are some easy steps to start with that can be used a blueprint of sorts to building your brand. These steps can be used as a starting point to define your business in the marketplace and build a strong brand.

1. Identify your message

The biggest step in brand strategy is identifying your message and how it needs to be conveyed. What are you trying to sell, and/or establish in the marketplace? What unique features does your business have that can be used in crafting this message?

The best way to answer this is to analyze your business and what your goals and targets are. Another factor to look at when crafting a message is what you want to resonate with your customers and clients when they are interacting with your business. These are all some of the insights and observations that can be used in crafting a brand message for your business.

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2. Identify your target audience

Most of the brand strategy boils down to identification - who do you identify with, and conversely, what segment of the population do you want to identify with your business? Once you have crafted a message, it is important to understand who you are conveying the message too and modify it accordingly.

What demographics are your target customers, and which demographics currently comprise your customer base? Both questions require some research to answer, and further investigation is needed in understanding what appeals to your target demographics in terms of messaging.

Does your audience prefer visually focused brands or text focused? These are important points to keep in mind as you craft an overall brand strategy.

3. Personalize your brand

Once you identify your message and your demographics, the next step is to personalize it to fit with your customer and client base. In an increasingly digital world, brands with the strongest followings are ones who to get to know their audience and personalize their messaging accordingly.

One example of executing this is identified users that engage with your brand and reward them occasionally. Or learn what interests and hobbies are most popular within your target demographics and use that knowledge to draw customers into your brand and engage with it.

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4. Establish trust

Customers value honesty and transparency in brands and tend to be more loyal to brands that exhibit these qualities. A Forbes article touches upon this idea, and that businesses should embrace their weaknesses and be honest about them.

Establishing your brand as transparent and honest in its dealings is a great way to forge a deep brand connection with audiences and one they can remain loyal to. Acknowledge mistakes when they are made, or demonstrating that you are committed to dealing with customer and client issues in a timely and honest manner go a long way in establishing brand trust with your audience.

5. Review your brand

Once you've established your message, found your target audience and tailor your brand experience for them, do not become complacent. Brands are always evolving as businesses grow and flourish, and it is important to maintain and review your branding strategy to make sure it aligns with your business strategy.

Branding can be a powerful tool for businesses when it comes to outreach and marketplace positioning, and thus must always be carefully reviewed and maintained to make sure businesses are operating at their optimal capacity.

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