April 20, 2020

Who Should You Hire to Help Brand Your Business


By now, we all know branding is important and everyone needs to build a brand for long term success. Now the question is how? Or better yet, who? Who should you hire to help you build a brand?

There are four main levels to choose from when it comes to investing in branding, this makes it feasible to build a professional brand for anyone.


Do it yourself branding is the most cost-efficient but takes up the most time. Keep in mind, there's a right and a wrong way to DIY branding. Although the names suggest you are doing things yourself, you should still get advice from an expert.

Who is this option for:
Those with no capital
New business owners


A design business primarily ran by one person, not to be confused with a freelancer. The solopernur has gained experience designing and working with clients. The majority of the time, this creative does one thing really well.

Who is this option for:
Owners with a specific need
Has a limited budget
Mom and pop shops

Small Design Studio

A small studio is a business with more than one employee yet, still classifies as a small business. You will find more resources at the studio which included multiple skills, higher production quality, and a wider range of services. Working with a studio will require more money but will allow you to get multiple things done from one vendor.

Who is this option for:
Funded startups
Small businesses looking for a rebrand
Big companies looking to save money
In need of full creative services

Big Agency

Agencies bring the best value which also comes with a big price tag. You will have peace of mind knowing things will get done efficiently with high quality. Working with an agency is like having the VIP treatment. With the size of bigger agencies, the sky is the limit.

Who is this option for:
Big corporations
Fully funded startups
Big companies looking to rebrand

No matter where you are in your business, there is a branding option to fit your needs. Building a brand is vital for success because it helps you reach your audience with a clear drawn out plan.

Who will you hire to help brand your business?

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