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It's not you, it's your strategy.

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Get ready to achieve clarity fast. In this Brand Accelerator Workshop, we will facilitate thought-provoking exercises, and challenge you to go beyond the surface to creative a winning brand. You, and your team, will leave with a value-packed actions plan and a creative direction to start applying right away.

What you can expect:

Unite your leadership team

Achieve brand alignment fast

Develop your signature offer

Define your differentiation

Gain clarity

Build confidence

Have a clear marketing strategy

The Framework

We facilitate our workshops through six key modules.


We will work together to set obtainable yet challenging business, marketing, and branding goals. When we have something to work towards, it's easier to develop a plan of attack.


Who do you want to reach?  We'll move beyond the generic target audience to create customer profiles to speak to the audience's needs and pain points to reach.

Brand Clarity

It's challenging to convey your message if you do not understand your brand. Using our Brand Development exercises, you will discover your voice, personality, and look.

Signature Offer

What product/service do you want to be known for? This module will use our POS formula to develop a signature offer to solve your target audience's biggest problems.

Content Strategy

Social media can become overwhelming, but we make things easier by taking you through the process of creating and strategy of the what, when, and why of posting.

Creative Direction

We will build moodboards right along with you to arrive at a creative direction for your brand. You'll see your brand identity come together right before your eyes.

How our Brand Strategy

People don't connect with organizations, they connect with brands. To define your brand you need a connecting personality, a unique voice, and a strong message. When these critical building blocks aren't specified, it can make for a kick butt business.

By participating in Hendricks Studios' Brand Accelerator Program, you'll no longer have to guess what to do next, who you should target, or how to market your business. We will help you bridge the gap between ideas and execution while giving your team a renewed confidence.


▸ Pre-Workshop Audit
▸ 2 Half Day Workshops
▸ Hosted Virtually
▸ Strategic Exercises
▸ Post-Workshop Plan
▸ Brand Document
▸ Implumentation Support


▸  Vegan Businesses
▸  Non-profits
▸  Social Influencers
▸  Ethical Clothing Brand
▸ Sustainable Businesses


▸ New Business
▸ Product Launch
▸ New Service
▸ Rebranding
▸ Lack of Sales
▸ Poor Company Culture


How long is the Workshop?


Our signature Workshop has a total time of 12 hours broken down into two days. If you would like more information, book a discovery call and let's chat.

How much is the investment?


Investments in the Workshop are $5,000.

How do I book a Workshop?


To get started, schedule a complimentary discovery call and be ready to talk about your business and if this workshop is a good fit.

How should I prepare?


Gather all of the key decision makers on your team and come prepared to answer a lot of questions and interact.